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A Dartry Diary / Dialann Dartraí


Luke White, Lareen, is elected M.P. for Leitrim.


Sam White, Lareen, is elected as M.P. for Leitrim, replacing his late father Luke.


St. George Robert Johnston of Mount Prospect, Kinlough is born.  Capt. Robert Johnston, Brookhill is Leitrim High Sheriff.


Fr. John McGowan P.P. of parish dies.  Replaced by Fr. Hugh O'Reilly.


Among those who contribute to the building of Ballaghameehan church are: Terence Connolly, Mount Prospect and his brother William; Robert Johnston, Brookhill; Rev. Dickson, Tullaghan; Robert Johnston, Oakfield, Kinlough; James Ellis, Wardhouse, Tullaghan.  Major Deane Conroy is drowned in a sailing accident on Lough Melvin and buried in the Old Cemetery.


Out of the total population of Leitrim, estimated at 155,000, only 602 males were entitled to vote in the September 1830 election (1 in 259 of the county’s  population). 436 electors in the county were polled and two of the four candidates – John M. Clements and Samuel White- were elected.


The census records that the population of Rossinver parish is 12,416, with 155,981 persons in total living in the county of Leitrim. The National Education Board is established.


Cordiver & Askill hedge school is established by Arthur Keon.  It is the first National School in the parish. A cholera epidemic sweeps Ireland, killing at least 25,000 people.


The Commissioners of Education report the population of Rossinver parish as 13,044 Catholics and 1,044 of the Established Church.


Fr. Francis Mason is appointed C.C. of the parish.  Rev. Edward Hales replaces Rev. James L. Dickson as vicar of Rossinver parish.


John O'Donovan surveys the area in preparation for new Ordinance Survey maps.


A survey notes that vestiges of Ireland’s ancient forests can still be seen around Woodville House.


The hurricane-force wind on Sunday night, 6th January causes much damage.  The weather during the whole day was very severe, but about 10p.m. a gale sets in, increasing to a hurricane by midnight.  Roofs of many houses are completely stripped of their slates or thatch, out-offices and gates are blown down.  The 6th January goes into history as “The Night of the Big Wind”.


Fr. William McCauley is made C.C. of the parish.  The Census records 23,000 people in the Barony of Rosclogher.  The population of Ireland is recorded as 8, 175,124.  Robert St. George Johnston is called to the Bar.


John W. Dickson of Duncarbery is born. Ballyshannon Workhouse and Fever Hospital opened.  As well as Kinlough parish, they serve the Bundoran, Ballyshannon and Belleek areas.


Buckode N.S. and Tullaghan N.S. are established.


Capt. James Johnston, Kinlough House is Leitrim High Sheriff.


Potato blight crosses the Atlantic from America to England, then appears in Wexford and Waterford in September.  Half of the Irish potato crop is ruined, and the famine begins.  Fr. William McCauley C.C. is transferred.  Replaced by Fr. Thady Maguire.  Magistrates for the county include John C. D. Coane, Brookhill, Kinlough; William Connolly, Mount Prospect, Kinlough; John Dickson, Woodville, Tullaghan; James Johnston, Kinlough House; Samuel White M.P., Lareen House, Kinlough.  Medical officer for Kinlough area is Dr. J. Sheil.


Rev. Archibald St. George becomes vicar of Rossinver parish.  Constable George Petty of Kinlough reports 576 acres of potatoes being grown, while Constable Samuel Connor of Tullaghan reports 444 acres of potatoes in his area. Potato blight almost totally destroys the year’s potato crop. There is widespread famine throughout Ireland.


The famine worsens, as typhus kills thousands across the country.  Edenville N.S. is opened.  First teacher is John McGowan.  J.R. Dickson of Woodville contests the election to Westminster in place of Lt. Col. Sam White who retired.  Dickson fails to get elected.


The famine continues, with outbreaks of cholera and another failure of the potato crop. John O’Donovan publishes Volume 1 of his seven-volume translation of the Annals of the Four Masters.


The potato crop fails again; the Irish countryside continues to be ravaged by famine and disease.  Premia are awarded to local teachers Daniel Connolly (Buckode N.S.) and Patrick McNulty (Tawly N.S.) for exceptional work.


The Great Famine ends.  It leaves a legacy of emigration that will last for over a century, and decimate the population of the parish.  Miss Mary McGowan is appointed as assistant teacher in Edenville N.S.  William Johnston of Kinlough House is High Sheriff for Leitrim.


The census records 42 houses and 217 people in Kinlough.  The national population is now 6,575,000 – a drop of 1,600,000 in 10 years.  Rev. Decimus William Preston becomes vicar of Rossinver parish, replacing Rev. Archibald St. George, who died of plague, aged 46.





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